General Learning Disabilities

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This specialised course has been developed by ICEP Europe in collaboration with a panel of educators and other practitioners working in the field of learning disabilities. Students with general learning disabilities (GLD) comprise the largest group with additional learning needs in schools today. They may have a recognized disability, such as Fragile X, Down syndrome, or the cause may be unknown as is the case for many students with mild GLD. Intellectual, social and adaptive functioning mature at a slower rate and self-esteem can also be an issue.

The main focus of this course is to build the capacity of educators to provide quality educational experiences to support students with GLD. This means creating inclusive learning environments and providing differentiated instruction that builds on each child’s strengths and talents. From the developmental implications of various general learning disabilities, to specific strategies for enhancing teaching and learning across the age range, this practical course will boost your knowledge and confidence and give you an in-depth understanding of effective instructional approaches, differentiation, behaviour support, collaboration and individual educational planning for students with GLD.

Designed for educators in a broad range of settings from preschool to further education, there is a strong emphasis on practical evidence-based approaches, which are directly applicable in the classroom, and in the whole-school context. The course also provides an overview of emerging values and themes in the education of children with general learning disabilities. The topics include best practice guidelines for inclusion, level of functioning and learning profiles of students with general learning disabilities, the differentiated curriculum, supporting students with differing levels of learning disability, promoting choice and autonomy, helping students build life skills, working with parents as partners, and developing individual education plans for children and young people with general learning disabilities.

Taking a developmental perspective, this course looks in detail at the areas of language, communication, social, emotional, and academic skills as they arise in children with GLD and how these impact on school performance. Drawing on international best practice and the latest research, this course offers you a wealth of practical resources, lesson plans and teaching techniques for addressing barriers to learning and participation. You will acquire a working knowledge of specific teaching strategies in the areas of numeracy, literacy, language and communication, motor skills, and social and emotional skills. In addition, you will be encouraged to develop and implement best practice approaches and policies at the level of the classroom and in your own school in relation to supporting children with GLD.



14th February - 10th April 2022

4th April

Summer Term
1 July – 26 August 2021

20 hours of self paced study any time during the term

Certificate of PD



Identification and Effective Interventions

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