Welcome to ICEP Europe

The Institute of Child Education and Psychology (ICEP) Europe offers accessible and innovative programmes that are responsive to the changes and challenges taking place in society today. ICEP Europe was founded in 2001 by Dr. Moya O’Brien and Dr. Deirdre MacIntyre.

Focusing on developing the knowledge skills and competencies required for educators in the 21st century, ICEP Europe provides high quality, flexible professional development in the areas of inclusive education and wellbeing – our courses are at the leading edge of education practice. 

We offer a range of PD including Understanding Autism, General Learning Disabilities and Applied Behaviour Analysis.  Each course has been developed by PhD level clinical psychologists, involved in cutting edge and innovative research in the areas of inclusion and positive psychology.  We were proud to present our research on nature connection and resilience at the Positive Education Schools Authority (PESA) Conference last year. 

Our online courses are suitable for teachers, parents and allied professionals who work with children and young people.  We have trained more than 25,000 educators from over 60 countries worldwide. 

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