Professional Development Courses

Term 1: 14th February to 10th April

What our participants say:

Professional Development Courses

These online courses are for teachers, leaders and support staff in schools. They are self-paced courses, moderated by qualified tutors and deliver up to date, evidence-based content in key areas of student support. All the courses are online and take 20 hours across a two-month enrolment.

Build your knowledge and skills for inclusion and gain the competencies essential for ensuring the wellbeing of students and teachers alike. Our specialist courses enable you to transform your classroom into a positive space where your students can learn to flourish no matter what their challenges.

University Accreditation

Since its establishment in 2001, ICEP Europe has recognised the importance of creating strong accreditation and collaboration links with key bodies. We have cemented our reputation as a leading provider of online SEN courses by delivering on our mission to provide innovative training to teaching professional working with children of all needs. 

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