Teacher Wellbeing

Teacher Wellbeing

We understand that in order for teachers to look after their students, they need to look after their own wellbeing first.  The 1st of May was National Workplace Wellbeing Day in Ireland and we asked our followers on social media what you do to mind and nurture yourself.  We got a great response, including new elements that you have introduced in the last few months.  Below are some of the recurring themes among the answers:

  1. Exercise – it seems like people have been active with everything from Zoom yoga, Zumba, roller skating to cardio and weights as well as running and walking! Some nice tips from people like looking on YouTube for ideas, writing down how you feel before and after exercise and remembering the difference it makes to your body, mood, and energy.
  2. Nutrition – it was great to hear that many of you are trying to eat well and drink lots of water but also balancing this with baking and allowing “cheat days” where you can eat what you want!
  3. Routine – the importance of keeping a consistent routine was very evident, especially during these more challenging times.  Getting up each morning, showering, getting dressed & having breakfast rather than hanging around in your pyjamas was highlighted as something which can set the whole tone for the day.
  4. Having a plan for the day so you can feel like you have achieved something and being able to tick things off a list.
  5. Quiet time and “me” time– whether it be reading a good book, walking, or going to the beach, time alone is important. 
  6. Time for reflection – on a similar theme, time to meditate, journal or just be present were all mentioned as activities which can help to give clarity.
  7. Revisiting childhood hobbies – it was lovely to see that some people had gone back to pastimes like colouring, dancing, stretching, singing and crafts, which they had not done for years!
  8. Small things like a cup of tea!
  9. Self-compassion and showing kindness to yourself during this time.
  10. Music – asking someone to recommend the music they like, take some time to listen to it and understand what they like about it can cheer you up.
  11.  Gardening & growing veggies.
  12.  Limiting screen time & the news.
  13.  Calling friends & sharing stories & helping each other to process thoughts and feelings.
  14.  Prayers & reading the bible.
  15.  Laughter & watching comedies.

If you are interested in wellbeing, our PD courses are now open for enrolment.  Our Teaching Happiness course starts on 18th October.

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